MBBS in Malaysia

An MBBS degree in Malaysia comprises of a 5-year long course that consists of pre-clinical training and clinical training.

  1. Pre-Clinical Training comprises of learning theoretical basics of medical sciences for a period of two years. 
  2. Clinical Training is divided into two phases:
    • In the first year, the students undergo the process of learning clinical skills.
    • For the remaining two years, every student is allotted work at the University’s clinical campuses for gaining overall real-time experience as a medical trainee.


International students can apply for MBBS in Malaysia by following two ways:

  • For A-Levels & STPM:  Essential Requirement of BBB/ABC/AAC in Physics/Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology
  • As per Australian Matriculation: Aggregate: 80% and ATAR (including Physics/Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology): 80
  • Indian Pre-university: 70% average in aggregate as well as in Physics/Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Foundation in Science: At least CGPA of 3 in Physics/Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry along with 5Bs or equivalent majorly in SPM consisting of Physics, Mathematics/Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • NEET Scorecard
  • Legal Guardians IDs
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose