Studying MBBS abroad provides students with more global exposure, access to large university campuses, superior laboratory access, and better student-teacher ratio.

We know that Medicine is an umbrella wherein many a variety of sciences are blended in to improve the quality and save lives. As a doctor one can accomplish and reach his goals in contributing to the maintenance and control of good health practices by constantly, diligently and persistently applying science and eventually leading to making scientific temper an integral part of their existence. They arrive at a hypothesis through medical examination, clinical history and our critical analysis and thinking.

One of the primary responsibility of a doctor is to show empathy and thereby helping individuals and humanity in a holistic way. This makes doctors true humans. Medical science have branched into various subdisciplines that allows to choose from different specialties and super specialties that has evolved even into areas like space medicine.


Edunial is your single destination for all your international academic needs. The core activity lies in assisting students in choosing the ideal overseas educational institution to continue their medical studies. Edunial provides information regarding medical higher education in a wide spectrum of countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russia, Ukraine, Antigua, Nepal, Bangladesh, Georgia.

Our organization has a single focus: to ensure students reach their preferred educational destination. Employing our unique expertise of the global medical educational landscape and vast network of contacts, we can identify the most suitable university for each student.

Today We have a wide portfolio of reputable international institutions and works closely with several Embassies, High Commissions and official education bodies. We are proud to be one of India’s leading overseas education consultancies.

Institution Services

Universities around the world recognize the importance of internationalizing their campus. If your institution is keen to diversify your student body and wants to complete more aggressively for the most talented international candidates, Edunial offers you global resources, honed and developed over several years. We provide a cost effective approach that will quickly bring you qualified applicants from around the world.

Student Services

If you are looking to study Medicine/Dental/Nursing/Pharmacy abroad, Edunial is here to help you. We offer comprehensive services that help you every step of the way no matter what level of education you are seeking. Our highly skilled and qualified team of counselors provides students with a personal and entirely unique experience. Based in India, New Zealand, Ukraine, provide education services worldwide. All institutions we work with are thoroughly assessed to make sure they meet our high standards. We make studying abroad as easy as possible, so students only have to think about their education while we take care of the rest.

Career Counselling & Guidance:

University career guidance and couselling programs at Edunial aim to help students make more informed and better educational career choice. If you are confused about which career to choose the Edunail guides you through the maze of questions to find solutions best suited to your profile ensuring your choose the best career path. Our goal is simple-to-help you navigate the often confusing path of career and university planning and enroll at a college /university or enter a career you will love.

Edunial will provide you with professional advice on:

  • Assessing your needs: After a thorough review of your initial application and relevant documents, our dedicated and experienced staff will form an assessment of your educational needs.
  • Case Coordination: Our team will stay in touch and provide you information about developments, during the admission process.
  • Research and Matching: We will research extensively in order to match your needs with potential appropiate schools and programs abroad.
  • Reviewing of Options: Edunial will exhaustively review with you and/or your family the pros and cons of each school and program (course) you choose to study.
  • Prompt Attention to Admission: Edunial will ensure that your letter of admission and the other requisite documents you need to apply for a student visa to your study destination on time. In other words, we shall secure you admission in the university of your choice, provided you qualify. Even where you are not qualified, we shall assist you in meeting or attaining the necessary qualification, where possible, by taking extra course (s) in the school.
  • Referral Service: If you need any other service outside of our consultancy, we shall refer you to reputable and professional organizations to assist you.

For more information about all of our services, please write to us at [email protected]

Country/University/Course Selection

we believe your future planning begins with choosing the right course, destination, and suitable institution. Dedicated to help students navigate the complex selection based on their interest, aptitude and financial situation, reach their desired destination.                        

Admission & Documentation

We can guarantee students admission to some of the best universities around the world based on their qualification. Documents required:
  1. 10th & 12th Academic Transcripts for UG course
  2. Scanned copy of students passport.
  3. NEET Score
  4. Language proficiency scores as per country requirement.
  5.  LOR & SOP as per country requirement.