All international applicants coming to Ukraine intending to study must obtain a student visa, which is only possible upon receiving an “Invitation to study” from the university they are applying to. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine defines the standard of the invitation letter.

It is mandatory to register all “Invitations to study” with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Ukraine before being given to the student for visa purpose.

To register your invitation letter with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the university needs following documents:

  • Copy of valid passport
  • Consent to the processing of personal data
  • Copy of academic transcripts

(All documents including academic transcript must be Apostille stamp and legalized at the Embassy of Ukraine in the respective country)

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Edunial will provide you with professional advice on:

  • admission to study and choice of a university
  • specialty, mode, and form of study, in accordance with the student’s desire, educational level, preferences and financial capacities
  • preparation of the required documentation for submission to the selected university
  • execution of documents submitted for admission
  • legalization of further stay in Ukraine
  • obtaining a temporary residence permit
  • the choice of an apartment or any other accommodation, the registration of all necessary documents, including residence permit (if necessary)
  • Ukrainian legislation concerning education at the university

We will answer all questions concerning the higher education system, the location of the universities, the sights need to visit, the Ukrainian history and culture, which types of transport is popular, how and where to buy the travel ticket etc.

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Universities in Ukraine require copies of all documents to be translated to the Ukrainian Language. Official translation of documents in Ukraine is carried out by the special translation agencies with subsequent notarization. For getting the Ukrainian student visa following documents are to be translated:

  • Original of birth certificate
  • Academic transcripts
  • Medical certificate of general fitness legalized
  • Results of HIV/AIDS/COVID-19
  • Passport
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Health and deportation insurance is must for the student arriving in Ukraine. The procedure for applying for medical insurance may take some time, but you will be fully protected if you need medical help. Foreigners are required by law to buy emergency medical insurance before entering Ukraine.

The validity of the health insurance is 1 year, and should be renewed regularly on beginning of every year.


We help you to obtain the taxpayer registration number ID card to extend your stay in Ukraine and obtain a temporary and permanent residence permit in Ukraine.


Students from countries that require a visa should apply for the student visa. Regardless of where you submit your documents, you will always be asked to include the original “Invitation to study”.

Once the student arrives in Ukraine he or she shall be provided with the temporary residency for the duration of his or her study.